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The Poetry Clown Says
by Steven Gulvezan
The first word of each line
Must begin with the letters 
“A,” “S,”  “S,” “H,” “O,” “L,” “E”
In rotation in that order

While you debate
The use of the words 
“Pig” and “amerika”
And splat a small bluebird
Pop out of your mouth
To take flight
Straight into a black crepe banded
Portrait of George Orwell

Who, settling on Orwell’s
Left shoulder
Cocks his bluebird head and
Winks at George

Next you must distill
Into one hundred words or less
The history of your life
As a smiley face fascist 

And you must
Upon completing said poem
Run shrieking into a toxic landfill
Rend your clothes

And roll naked in the slimy skin
Of piss yellow journalism 
Until you comprehend
You are an idiot, a parrot pissant

Or a blow of shit air 
Wafting over a column
Of jackbooted right thinkers
Marching arm-in-arm with

The arrogant lock-stepping liberals
You currently swear you adore